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Episode Five
Wednesday March 14, 1979 8pm (Eastern)
Saturday June 30, 1979 10pm (Eastern)

Dennis Dugan
Randee Heller
Sylvia Sidney
Noah Hathaway
Timothy Carey
Mills Watson
Special Guest Star
Bo Hopkins

Supervising Producer Robert Stambler
Written by Larry Alexander
Directed by David Moessinger

     At 200mph not many people are going to be able to play hobo and hop aboard Supertrain.  Dennis Dugan in this episode does get on Supertrain without the benefit of a ticket or station stop.  Dugan plays Jack Hogarth a self-proclaimed "boy genius of Hollywood" we're told in his narration as the episode opens.  Seems that his genius has included a movie financied by the underworld who is not pleased to find that Jack and his wife have split and the movie is now without its desired star.  Enter Timothy Carey and Mills Watson as the thugs assigned the task of getting back the mob's investment, any way they can.  Carey's illustrious career of playing ethnic-heavies includes appearing in American International's "Beach Blanket Bingo" (1965) and Watson was playing the bumbling idiot Deputy Perkins on "BJ and the Bear" at the time.  Dugan's character gets the jump on them and though his first attempt at getting on Supertrain fails, he must get on the train to speak his ex-wife about the troubled movie, he does end up falling off a bridge and onto Supertrain's roof as it departs Los Angeles.  Naturally, he is not injured and even finds that the nearby roof hatch is not locked and he easily opens it and climbs inside.
     Jack's ex-wife is a famous movie star named Tammy Tyler played Randee Hiller.  She is accompanied on Supertrain by her new beau, manager and former hairstylist played by Bo Hopkins.  Given Hiller's looks with her frizzy kinky perm hair and rather ample nose and pairing her up with a hairdresser-turned-movie-mogul, some might see some real-life inspiration behind these two characters.  A liberal dose of concentration on my part though and I still haven't a yentl...I mean inkling for the name the woman or her goober boyfriend...what a minute...goober...former hairdresser turned movie producer...nope, still haven't got a'll have to figure it out yourself.  Anyway, Hiller and Hopkins are New York bound for the broadway debut of Tammy Tyler in a new production of Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra."
     The thugs make it on Supertrain and soon locate poor Dennis Dugan and he ends up hiding out in the closet of Sylvia Sydney's compartment.  Sydney befriends Dugan and aids him in his misadventures in trying to get close enough to his ex-wife to plead his case for her to star in his movie.  Young Noah Hathaway of ABC's "Battlestar Galactica" has a supporting role as young pick pocket used by Dugan to fool Randee Hiller into thinking Bo Hopkins has an undisclosed wife and kids on the side.  Will it all work out for poor Dennis Dugan or will he be tossed off Supertrain to his death at 200mph? 
     A number of Supertrain regulars make their final appearances on the series with the "Superstar" episode.  This fourth episode marks the end of the original format Dan Curtis-produced examples of the series broadcast by NBC.  Saying farewell is Patrick Collins, Nita Talbot, Michael DeLano, Charlie Brill, William Nuckols and Arrika Wells.  After this episode, we never again see Supertrain's gym and hair salon.
     Nita Talbot receives her largest part in this her last appearance on the show.  Boadring at Los Angeles are the young grandchildren of Supertrain's owner Winfield Root.  The two hellraisers are just what one might expect the offspring of someone both rich and eccentric enough to have conceived, financed and executed Supertrain's existence.  These kids are spoiled monsters.  Edward Andrews' Harry Flood pawns off the two brats on Talbot and she's forced through a series of very predictable tricks and pranks by her young charges.  In the end, the kids are pranked back by the Supertrain crew.  Given that most of the cast is missing following this episode, perhaps the kids went and complained to their grandfather and that is why the cast changes dramatically after this show!

On the run from mobsters, Dennis Dugan explains his trouble to fellow guest star and Supertrain passenger Sylvia Sydney.
Taking a break from being thugs, Timothy Carey and Mills Watson, check out Supertrain's Gift Shop.  Watson's character has found a nice and fairly real looking toy automatic rifle.  Perhaps somebody might review the offerings of the Supertrain Gift Shop and suggest some changes?
It's dear Agatha (Sylvia Sydney) to Jack's rescue and aid.  Getting possibly more than she bargained for on her trip, Sydney's character tries to convince a movie star (Randee Heller) to do a movie and even does some hand-to-hand combat with underworld thugs (Timothy Carey and Mills Watson).
Playing Tammy Tyler's new beau Damian is Bo HopkinsHopkins received Special Guest Star billing for his trip on the fifth episode of "Supertrain."

Playing the "Superstar" Tammy Tyler is Randee Heller.  Will she help her ex-husband Jack (Dennis Dugan) and do the movie and save him from being tossed off Supertrain?
TV Guide March 10-16, 1979
-TV Guide March 10-16, 1979 featuring Harry Reasoner, Dan Rather, Morely Safer, and Mike Wallace of CBS-TV's "60 Minutes"  Also note that headline above the magazine's title, "Hard-selling the Moscow Olympics"...if only NBC had perhaps read that article.  The U.S. pulled out of the Olympic games in 1980 leaving NBC with a large empty spot in its schedule.
TV Guide "Superstar" Episode Synopsis:

Bankruptcy isn't the only prospect for a down-on-his-luck Hollywood
producer. The mob's angry because he hasn't delivered a film package with the promised female lead-his ex-wife.
"Superstar" Competiton:

ABC offered a new episode of "Eight Is Enough"
CBS aired an episode of its short-lived "Married: The First Year"